Full range of payment card competences

One of the the primary aim for the foundation of our company was to establish a professional team that is capable of supporting customers on the highest level principally in the field of the payment card and electronic transaction processing. We believe that we have successfully achieved this goal: most of our experts have 10-15 years experience in the payment card business..

Payment card and EFT consultancy

We offer our customers the following payment card services:
  • Payment card issuing
    • Payment card business specification
    • Payment card technical specification (chip cards: M/Chip, VSDC)
    • Payment card application procedure
    • Card application support solutions

  • Payment card acquiring
    • Authorisation
    • Stand-in processing
    • POS and ATM driving

  • Payment card processing (Card-management systems)
    • Payment card data maintenance
    • Card status management

  • Back-office procedures
    • Clearing and settlement
    • ATM cash management
    • Dispute resolution

  • Security
    • Key Management
    • Fraud monitoring

  • Card brand certifications
    • Payment card testing activities
    • Certification process management

  • Test support
    • Elaborate test strategy and plan
    • Plan and document test cases
    • Perform testing activities

Project management

We provide professional project management services in the payment card industry focusing on the following fields:
  • Card issuing and acquiring, card system implementation
  • ATM and POS network implementation
  • Terminal migration
  • Chip card implementation, EMV
Our project management expert possesses of the official PMP title and has been continuously working on different payment card projects.

Should you have any questions regarding our payment card services, please feel free to contact us!

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